Sunday, November 11, 2012

Those of us on the right need to realize that if we hope to ever win another election, we have to come to consensus among ourselves about the issues that divide us.

Abortion, the big #1.  The one issue that has divided this nation, and the right, for generations.  It is time we have one policy we can all accept, take to the electorate and convince them to join us.

Let me say to begin with, I am wholly against abortion.  I think the saddest thing in the world is the fact that the most dangerous place for an infant is in his own mother's womb; however, there are realities we must face. Let me also say, there is more than one way to get what you want in the end.

First we must realize women have been having abortions since they figured out they could.  Realizing there is no law that is going to stop it, people wanted to prevent the horrible situations that arose from "coat hanger" abortions etc. so they decided that if it were legal, a woman could have a "safe" abortion.  Of course there is also the faction that believes it is great population control, especially among the minority groups, but that's another story.  That is the short version, but that is basically how we got where we are.

I would hope we all realize that trying to overturn Roe v Wade would be a monumental and extremely expensive task.  Why do that?  Is it going to stop women from having abortions?  Of course not, so why?

If a woman wants to have an abortion, and there is a licensed physician who is willing to kill the infant inside her, let them...BUT, not one dime of the cost will be paid for with tax payer dollars. Pregnancy is a choice, not a disease.

Oh yes,there is the rape issue.  O.K., we can play that game too.  If a woman is raped, AND reports it to the police AND goes to the hospital, AND it is determined that the woman was in fact raped AND procedures are done that may prevent pregnancy, then IF a pregnancy results, then the gov't can pay for an abortion.

If private individuals think things like Planned Parenthood is so great, they can fund it.  I am willing to bet there are more people that resent having to pay for someone else's abortion...and birth control for that matter....than are happy to.

We just need to do the leg work to come up with the facts and figures to prove our case.

Please comment and tell me what you think.

Tomorrow Immigration.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Rising from the Ashes

I have not posted for a while.  I was....pick an excuse.  But tonight, here I am, two days after the worst nightmare of an election in history.  Like many others, I was dumbstruck.  Once that wore off I was sad, heartbroken and hopeless.

Then, I found my hope again, because I do know that all things work together for good for those that love the Lord, and I KNOW that is true and I also know that God created this country and He loves the idea it is even more than we do.  I know how things are going to end, someday, whenever that happens, but until then, THIS COUNTRY, AMERICA, is and will be the one great hope in the world, that shining city on the hill that points the way for the world.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I tend to pass through phases emotionally.  I've done sad and I have cried, I've done hopeless and pouted, I've grabbed my boot straps and dang near pulled the things off trying to make myself stand up again, I've teetered, but I am still standing.

Tonight, I took the last step.  After my feet were planted firmly on the ground, I leaned over, I picked up that flag and I held it high in the air.  As I looked at it, I see the holes this cancer called progressive has eaten into it.  And then I got


I am again ready to stand and fight, but this time, much more aggressively.  This time it is going to be with boldness.  No more being afraid to ruffle feathers for fear of chasing someone away.  No more standing back and letting the "professionals" handle it, because as is obvious, they cannot or will not, take your pick.  So, WE will do it.  WE will go out there and educate the electorate so that when someone walks up to them on the street and asks them a question about an issue of the day they won't sound like tape recordings of the latest spin from MSNBC. IT IS PATHETIC!

We don't need to WIN people.  We don't need to DRAW people, we need to EDUCATE people.  Our schools obviously are not doing it and what they are doing is creating a bunch of little liberals and progressives, who become more good little parrots.  Obama want a cracker?????

So, let's do it.

I think the first thing we need to do is start developing a network.  It will take time, but we have a little of that.  It is a simple process.  We need ONE person from each state to begin.  From there it will grow.  It will be a central place where people can go to find out how to get information, have questions answered honestly and without spin.  There will be no agenda, party affiliation, anything like that with this network, it is strictly for the purposes of helping all of us to educate the electorate.

The 2nd thing we can do is collect ideas about how some of the issues of the day can be solved, and perhaps we can come to some compromises and resolutions our government has not been able to do.

The 3rd thing is to go out there and educate this electorate.  You are not going to be able to persuade them all, but based on preliminary observations, it looks like 10% is all we need.  That should be doable, very doable.

All the little groups, the Tea Party, the whatever else group, affiliate, conglomerate or whatever else can continue to do whatever it is they do, but this can be the one thing that links us all together, and maybe we can even all come to some consensus on some of the issues.

My greatest fear is that there will be those that want to start a 3rd party, or change the makeup of the Republican party.  Then we end up a 3 party system or more, and at that point all hope will be gone.  And let me remind you, the Democrats/Progressives would love nothing more.  So much so that they themselves would likely work feverishly to make that happen, maybe even lead it.  Remember, our foe is devilish!

Some of us are going to have to give a little, some of us, maybe a lot, but we MUST come together, or we will end up giving it all, and now we know for certain that can happen.  We must also realize, there is always more than one way of doing things.

I will post a couple of ideas tomorrow.

In the meantime, PLEASE, above all, make your agenda America and not yourself or your own interests.  You can be a grand leader at some point if that is what you want, but right now, just please, lets all work together to save our country, she is bleeding to death:((  PLEASE!

Comment, let me know what you think, or contact me on Twitter @Hannamerika

Friday, July 20, 2012

Obama....SHUT UP!  Go play golf or something.
Oh good grief, Obama do you have to make use of everything, including this massacre in Colorado, trying to make yourself look like a leader?  Well guess are still an IDIOT!  Good grief, you make me sick!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

IDIOTS!  The Government does not build roads!  Taxpayers do!  And the taxpayers use those same roads corporations use to move their merchandise, to get to work and transport their children to daycare and piano lessons.  Idiots one and all.
"If you got a business, you didn't build that..." Obama really?  Are you kidding me?  WHAT AN IDIOT!!!!